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OnLife® (KapDolen) for Chemotherapy-Induced Polyneuropathy CIPN

In the case of a CIPN, in which the function of the cell membranes is disturbed by the nerve-damaging effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, OnLife® can be used to help restore the correct function of the nerve cell membrane.

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OnLife® formerly Kapdolen Cream for chemotherapy-induced polyneuropathy (CIPN)

OnLife® (formerly KapDolen) cream for topical use on hands and feet in the event of symptoms caused by changes in the nerve fibers of the peripheral nerves in patients receiving chemotherapy and / or radiation therapy.

The preparation OnLife® Creme, previously sold as Kapdolen, is based on the "Fatty Acids Group", or F.A.G.® for short. This is a new, standardized combination of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids and other specific fatty acids such as palmitic and linolenic acids. OnLife® Creme has anti-inflammatory, nerve-protective and analgesic physiological properties. Omega-3 fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory effect and also contribute preventively to the protection and maintenance of the function of the nerve cell membranes. Alpha-linolenic acid from the group of omega-3 fatty acids in particular plays an important role in combating inflammatory processes. The palmitic acid is converted into the endocannabinoid PEA. PEA decreases the activity of certain immune cells (mast cells and macrophages). As a result, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and can bring the overstimulated nerve tissue back into natural balance. It also has nerve-protecting and pain-relieving properties. In addition, the linoleic acid from the group of omega-6 fatty acids in OnLife® Cream develops its strong anti-inflammatory and skin-protecting properties.

  • 50ml
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Further information on inflamed skin and mucous membranes due to side effects in cancer therapy is available here

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