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NO HAIR CREW - Hair Removal for Men

No man should be held back by unwanted body hair

Nothing wrong with a hairy guy.  However, there are times when you want parts of your body to be hair free. It can be for sports, showing of a tattoo or to improve your love life. Or, maybe it’s just your own personal preference. We specialize on male (yes only male!) hair removal and believe that no man should be held back by unwanted body hair.

Benefits of hair removal

It used to be that hair removal and male grooming was only for bodybuilders, cyclists, swimmers or male strippers. Not so anymore. Today, manscaping is here to stay with more and more men opting for smooth body skin. And more and more women prefer manscaped men.


  • The way you want
  • Modern, sporty and well groomed
  • Improve muscle definition


  • Confident – ready for anything
  • The pleasant feeling of silky smooth skin
  • Improved hygiene and less body odour


  • Look and feel your best to perform your best
  • Enhanced performance in sports
  • Better healing after accidents (e.g. bicycling)