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NO HAIR CREW High Performance Wax Strips for Body Depilation - for Men

High-performance wax strips from NO HAIR CREW provide for a smooth skin feeling for 3 up to 4 weeks. With soothing ingredients for an utmost gentle application. For men.

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NO HAIR CREW - Body Wax Strips for Body Depilation

NO HAIR CREW high performance wax strips give you smooth skin for up to 3 to 4 weeks. On top, by removing the hair from the root it grows back thinner. This product is for you guys who want the longest lasting results and can take some discomfort. As the saying goes, no pain no gain… Don’t worry, the pain is not that bad as long as you follow the usage instructions carefully. Our body hair removal wax strips include soothing and strengthening ingredients to minimize discomfort and give you silky smooth skin for longer.
  • Premium wax strips for a thorough depilation
  • Ideal for legs, arms, chest, back
  • For a 3 to 4 weeks lasting smooth skin feeling
  • Ultra effective – also works with short hair
  • Specially designed for thicker and denser men's hair
  • Contains calming arnica
  • Set contains 4 wipes
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Vegan
Content: 20 wax strips, 4 wipes

Application Area for Body Hair Removal Wax Strips

Haarentfernung an den Beinen - Männer

Haarentfernung an der Brust - Männer

Haarentfernung am Rücken - Männer

Haarentfernung an den Achseln - Männer

Haarentfernung an den Armen - Männer


Intim-Enthaarungscreme für Männer

Intim-Enthaarungscreme für Männer

Why NO HAIR CREW for body hair removal

Nothing wrong with a hairy guy. However, there are times when you want parts of your body to be hair free. It can be for sports, showing of a tattoo or to improve your love life. Or, maybe it’s just your own personal preference. We specialize on male hair removal and believe that no man should be held back by unwanted body hair.

It used to be that hair removal and male grooming was only for bodybuilders, cyclists, swimmers or male strippers. Not so anymore. Today, manscaping is here to stay with more and more men opting for smooth body skin. And more and more women prefer manscaped men.

All our products are specifically MADE FOR MEN. Male hair tends to be coarser than female hair. The roots are often stronger and deeper. For optimal results and usage experience always use products specifically developed for men!

Use of the intimate hair removal cream

Always follow the usage instruction and read the precautions. The skin should be clean and dry and without any irritation or traces of other products.

  1. Rub the strips between your hands until the wax softens. Separate the strips carefully.
  2. Apply a strip in the direction of hair growth, adhering with a gentle massage.
  3. Holding the skin taut with one hand, remove the strip with the other, pulling firmly against the direction of hair growth and keeping the strip parallel and as close to the skin as possible. The faster you pull the strip, the better the results. Don’t wax the same area more than twice in the same session. The strips can be reused until they lose their effectiveness
  4. For a perfect finish, use a soothing wipe to remove excess wax and to calm the skin. Never remove the wax residue with water, soap or alcohol. If necessary, remove it with cotton wool soaked in oil.
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