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SweatStop® Forte Max Antiperspirant Against Hand Sweat 24 Hours

Recommended if you tend to sweat at hands, even without physical exertion. SweatStop® Forte max reduces sweat and odor efficiently. Moreover it provides for a 24 hour active protection.

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Lasts for: 6-12 months of use

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Antiperspirant hand spray against sweating on the hands

SweatStop® Forte max is to be recommended if you tend to sweat at hands, even without physical exertion. It reduces sweat and odor efficiently. Moreover it provides for a 24 hour active protection. When applying in the evenings a long-term effect arises. Ideal in combination with SweatStop® Instant, which disposes of an instant effect.
  • His-and-hers
  • Areas of application: Hands
    In exceptional cases (if SweatStop® Aloe Vera Forte plus did not bring about relief) also for underarms or body
  • To be applied on healthy skin


  • Sustainably prevents sweating and odor
  • Dermatologically tested: "very good"
  • Best price performance ratio
  • Content lasts many months
  • Provides 48 to 72 hours active protection
  • Over-the-counter
  • Odorless
  • 30 day money back guarantee
Notice: SweatStop® Forte max Hand Spray reduces sweating at hands for 24 hours. As the skin at hands is thicker than e.g. underarms, liquids and thus SweatStop® antiperspirants cannot permeate the skin the same way. Therefore the sweat reducing effect can take longer to arise. The spray is used right before going to bed. It needs to be sprayed on and massaged until the solution permeates the skin completely. This can be repeated up to 5 times.

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I sweat easily from hands or feet. Instant effect.

I sweat above average, noticeably more than others

I sweat profusely with little exertion. Bestseller

I sweat profusely without physical exertion

I sweat profusely from hands or feet

Product can be sprayed "upside down". For back or feet

Use of antiperspirant SweatStop® Forte max hand spray

To develop their sweating and odor blocking effect, SweatStop® antiperspirants have to be applied just before going to bed on clean and completely dry skin. In order that the solution can permeate and that the salts can close the pores, anything that could enhance the formation of sweating in the hours after the application needs to be avoided. The application needs to be repeated every 2-3 days. In the morning washing as usual and, if desired, applying a deodorant or a skin care lotion is possible. The effect will become evident after 1-3 applications. In rare cases it may take longer to unfold.
  • Clean and dry respective part of the skin before going to bed
  • Apply once
  • Leave on until completely dry before putting on clothes to avoid stains

How does a SweatStop® antiperspirant work against strong sweating?

For all SweatStop® antiperspirants please note:

  • Avoid anything that could enhance the formation of sweating in the hours after the application
  • Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and irritated or harmed skin
  • Do not shave respective part of the skin for at least 48 hours before and 12 hours after the application
  • Let it dry completely before putting on clothes to avoid stains
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Note: For all customers with US delivery addresses only - due to FDA regulation = All antiperspirants are for underarm use only.

SweatStop® antiperspirants are very well tolerated by the skin

The dermatological test was conducted by the limited company DERMATEST® GmbH. All products were rated "very good on skin". No adverse effects were to be found on any of the 30 subjects.
DERMATEST® GmbH, has been conducting tests and clinically controlled medical evaluations of the skin on products of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years. They offer a large spectrum of various testing for the determination of product compatibilities and for attestations of effectiveness of cosmetic ingredients.
Dermatologically tested


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Ingredients of antiperspirant SweatStop® Forte max hand spray

Aqua, Alcoholdenat., Aluminum Chloride, Isopropyl Alcohol, Allantoin, Peg-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Glyceril Laurate, Farnesol Phenethyl Alcohol, Camphor, Sodium Hydroxide

Properties of some of the ingredients of SweatStop® Forte max

Aluminum salts

Aluminum salts are used in the textile and cosmetic industry, where amongst others they are deployed for the production of antiseptic agents or in antiperspirants against excessive sweating. Solutions containing aluminum salts are also offered to treat little inflammations in the throat area.


Camphor is a waxy, white or transparent solid. It is found in wood of the Camphor laurel (Cinnamomum camphora), a large evergreen tree found in Asia. It also occurs in some other related trees in the laurel family, notably Ocotea usambarensis. However, camphor can also be synthetically produced. It is used for its scent, as an ingredient in cooking (mainly in India), as an embalming fluid, in religious ceremonies and for medicinal purposes.
Camphor disposes of following properties amongst others:
  • Antimicrobial effect
  • Anti-itchiness effect
  • Cooling effect
  • Effective as a cough suppressant (as an active ingredient in vapor-steam products)
  • Effective for minor heart symptoms and fatigue (can be administered orally in small quantities)
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