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Hair & Shaving Products

Here you can find skin care products around the topic of shaving. We offer different pre-shave products for a dry shave without skin irritation as well as an after-shave for the skin care after shaving.

Anyone who has ever shaved dry knows about skin irritations that go along with it. BLOCMEN© is a pre-shave powder stick proven for decades, which is applied before shaving dry and enables an especially comfortable shave without skin irritation. BLOCMEN© is available in three different versions. Thus for every skin type, a suitable pre-shave is offered:

  • BLOCMEN© Original - with refreshing menthol
  • BLOCMEN© Derma - without fragrances or dyestuffs, for sensitive skin types
  • BLOCMEN© Aloe Vera - with refreshing menthol and the soothing properties of aloe vera

For the skin care after shaving the Body&Skin© alum stone after-shave which is based on natural minerals is available. With its disinfecting and styptic properties, the alum stone is perfectly suited for the skin care after the dry or wet shave.