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Underarm Sweat Pads Sample pack by L'axelle in size L against sweat stains

L'axelle underarm sweat pads absorb sweat reliably and thus prevent displeasing sweat stains on clothing.

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Start well into the day with L'axelle underarm sweat pads!

  • 6 underarm sweat pads (3 pairs) for 3 applications
  • Easy to fit in the top
  • No more underarm sweat stains
  • Discrete
  • Provides all day protection against underarm sweat stains
  • Absorbs sweat and incloses it in the core
  • Size L: very thin, less than 1 mm, 95 mm long and 150 mm wide
  • The adapted shape fits perfectly to the underarm area
  • Bending lines provide for an ideal fit and maximum wearing comfort

The folding lines help to apply the pads into the shirt


Remove adhesive film from the back of the pad.

Adjust Pads

Apply the pad along the seam of the shirt

Underarm Sweat Pads Control

The underarm sweat pad adapts perfectly to your armpit

Underarm Sweat Pad Control
Notice: Remove before washing

Subject Area
Your Degree of sweating?
very strong
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Underarm Pads
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Single use
6 pcs., 3 pairs
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