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KAEX® basic against Hangover - after Alcohol Consumption - with 25 Natural Substances

KAEX basic with 25 natural ingredients protects the body preventively as well as possible from certain effects of alcohol intoxication and supports the normalization of the affected organs and processes.

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KAEX® basic - against Hangover - after Alcohol Consumption

KAEX basic is a dietary supplement with 25 natural ingredients. Instead of covering up the hangover-condition, KAEX basic contains substances that protect the body preventively as well as possible from certain effects of alcohol intoxication and support the normalization of the affected organs and processes.

Kaex helps...

KAEX Energie          Fatigue und cognitive function

Folate, magnesium, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, vitamine B12, vitamine B6, vitamine C support the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion, pantothenic acid supports a normal mental performance, and zinc supports a normal cognitive function. KAEX basic additionally contains choline and phosphatidylserine.

KAEX Energie

Mental condition

Folate, magnesium, niacin, thiamine, vitamine B12, vitamine B6, vitamin C support a normal mental condition.

KAEX Verdauung


 Calcium supports the normal function of digestive enzymes and zinc the normal acid-base-metabolism. Niacin, riboflavin support the presevation of normal mucuous membranes.

KAEX Muskeln


Calcium, potassium and magnesium support normal muscle functioning, magnesium and zinc the normal protein synthesis. Riboflavin supports the preservation of normal red blood cells and of a normal iron metabolism.

KAEX Leber


Betaine, choline, folate and vitamine B6, B12 support a normal Homocysteine-metabolism and choline additionally supports the presevation of the normal functioning of the liver.

KAEX Haare

Hair, nails and skin

Selenium and zinc support the presevation of normal hair and normal nails. Niacin, riboflavin, zinc support the presevation of normal skin and vitamine C the normal collagen formation for the normal function of the skin. Riboflavin, selenium, vitamine C and E, and zinc support the protection of the cells against oxidative stress.

Content: 90g (3 Sachets with each 30g)


Application of KAEX® basic against Hangover

 KAEX basic is taken 3 times at a maximum per hangover-condition.

KAEX basic Anwendung

Ingredients of KAEX® basic against Hangover

With electrolytes, amino acids, vitamines, alkaline salts, phosphatidylserine, betaine, choline, zinc, selenuim, fruktose & glucose.

Nutritional value per 3 sachets % NRV*
Magnesium 326 mg 87%
Calcium 800 mg 100%
Potassium 1735 mg 87%
Phosphatidylserine 300 mg -
Betaine 1250 mg -
Choline 300 mg -
750 mg -
200 mg -
1250 mg -
7500 mg -
40 mg 250%
Pantothenic acid
15 mg 250%
3.5 mg 250%
2.75 mg 250%
Vitamine B6
3.5 mg 250%
Vitamine B12
7.5 µg 300%
Vitamine C
240 mg 300%
Vitamine E
30 mg 250%
500 µg 250%
50 µg 91%
13 mg 130%

* % NRV = % nutrient reference value

Complete list of ingredients: Fructose, glucose monohydrate, L-glutamine, fruit powder lime, acidifier citric acid, potassium chloride, calcium carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, betaine hydrochloride, extracts of soy with phosphatidylserine, L-Tyrosine, magnesium carbonate, L-cysteine hydrochloride, choline tartrate, aroma lime, L-ascorbic acid, L-Tryptophane, zinc gluconate, vitamine E (D-alpha tocopheryl acetate, carrier silicon dioxide), nicotinamide, sodium selenate, calcium-D- pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, thiamine hydrochloride, pteroylglutamic acid, sodium selenite, cyanocobalamin.
KAEX basic: do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Dietary supplements are not a replacement for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Note for people with allergies: KAEX basic contains fructose und extracts of soy.

FAQ & further Information about KAEX® basic - against Hangover

What causes a hangover?

Due to the toxic effects of alcohol on the nervous system, the liver and other organs, alcoholic beverages are harmful to health from a certain amount. After drinking alcohol, the stomach, the brain, the muscles, and many other organs can become stressed; you feel tired the next day and have reduced cognitive and mental function. Often the mental state and the digestion as well as the muscle functions, the hair and skin are affected by changes. 

The body has its own mechanisms to protect itself from these negative consequences of alcohol. Depending on the amount of alcohol consumed, these protective mechanisms can quickly reach their limits. On the one hand, these protective mechanisms require certain biomolecules that are used up quickly – as a result these important bioprocesses only proceed much more slowly. In addition, alcohol, for example, stimulates urination, dehydrating the body and minimizing the fluid exchange between tissues. As a result, toxins (i.e. oxidants) can accumulate in the tissue and lead to cell damage. Also, certain alcoholic beverages (such as beer and wine) can cause deep blood sugar, which weakens important processes throughout the body.

☹ accumulation of toxins in the tissue due to dehydration overwhelm protective mechanisms

☹ consuming the reserves of important biomolecules further slows down protective mechanisms

☹ low blood sugar leads to a lack of cell energy, which is important for many bioprocesses

How does KAEX basic work?

KAEX basic supports the crucial bioprocesses in the body in a specific and targeted manner. The body’s own protective mechanisms consume energy and other biomolecules. KAEX basic contains fructose, which provides the bioprocess with the required cell energy in the longer term. In addition, the reserves of the required biomolecules (e.g., niacin and many others) are replenished, allowing bioprocesses to run at full speed. Equally important are certain substances that help to protect against oxidative stress directly in the affected tissue. As a further important function, KAEX basic rehydrates the body and helps in the setting of a normal acid-base balance, which is important for the drainage of toxins from the tissues.

✓ Cell energy for the important bioprocesses

✓ Filling up the reserves of the required biomolecules for the detoxifying bioprocesses

✓ substances that contribute directly to the tissue for protection against oxidative stress

✓ Removal of toxins from the tissues thanks to rehydration and fluid balance

Why does KAEX basic work so well?

KAEX basic is based on the latest scientific knowledge. Alcohol initiates many toxic mechanisms in the body through which many different, unpleasant symptoms can occur in form of a hangover. 

Instead of supporting just a few mechanisms that allow the alcohol to exert its poisonous effect elsewhere, KAEX basic helps normalize a wide range of bioprocesses. The body is thereby more holistically supported in alcohol metabolism.

Is KAEX basic a drug or a medicine?

No, KAEX basic is not a drug or a medicine, but a nutritional supplement. KAEX basic contains 25 natural ingredients and supports the body’s own bioprocesses, so that a normal state of health can be set as quickly as possible.

How is KAEX basic different from multivitamin tablets and why is there so much content in a sachet?

KAEX basic has been specifically designed to provide the best possible support for the body’s alcohol metabolism. In the metabolism of alcohol, certain vitamins are important, which may also be present in multivitamin tablets. However, much more important bioprocesses are involved, which are not or only partially supported by multivitamin tablets. 

Alcohol metabolism is a demanding process in the body, which requires the interaction of many biomolecules in higher concentrations. In order for the body to be best supported in these demanding processes, it needs this wide variety of different substances in certain quantities. Multivitamin tablets often have significantly less than 5g of content while a Sachet KAEX basic contains 30g.

Why are 3 sachets recommended?

The breakdown of alcohol in the body is a slow process that cannot be accelerated. Depending on the amount of alcohol consumed, it may take up to over 12 hours to reach the same state as without alcohol. Thanks to the three different timings for the taking, KAEX basic is able provide the body with optimal nutrition throughout the entire process of the alcohol breakdown.

Is it always necessary to take KAEX three times?

No. Depending on the amount of alcohol consumed and the general state of health, taking only one or two sachets are sufficient. 

The most important thing is to take it before going to bed, so that the body is optimally supplied with the important nutrients during the sleep process and therefore at best no negative consequences arise or remain in the morning. In this case, one intake is sufficient. Depending on the amount of alcohol consumed, however, the processes can be so overwhelmed that one or two additional sachets are recommended in the morning.

I forgot to take KAEX before going to sleep, should I still take it in the morning?

KAEX basic supports the body so that the negative effects of alcohol consumption are not or at least less pronounced as well as in the rapid normalization of the feel-good condition. Accordingly, KAEX basic – also when taken only the next morning – still is able to support the body in the rapid normalization of well-being.

How does KAEX basic taste?

KAEX basic contains a natural lime-lemon flavor as well as certain substances that are responsible for the slightly sweet taste (fructose, glucose and L-glutamine). However, KAEX basic also contains L-cysteine, which may have a sulphurous aftertaste, as well as potassium chloride, which some find unpleasant. 

If KAEX basic is dissolved correctly in at least 3dL water, it has a lime-sweet foam cap, which is perceived by most to be delicious. The unpleasant substances are then dissolved to a sufficient extent, so that they are no longer significant in weight. 

Please take into account, however, that KAEX basic does not want to be a soft drink. The unpleasantly tasting substances play a significant role in the best possible support of the body for the alcohol metabolism.

Are there any side effects?

KAEX basic is a nutritional supplement that supports natural bioprocesses in the body. Alcohol empties the body’s reserves of very specific biomolecules, which are important for the maintenance of a normal feel-good condition. KAEX basic replenishes these reserves so that these body processes can run normally. The reserves cannot be “overfilled” and the surplus is eliminated through natural paths. 

Since KAEX basic consists of natural substances, which are important for natural processes, no side effects are to be expected. Please take into account the indication for allergy sufferers.

Can it be that I get a hangover despite KAEX basic?

KAEX basic supports the body, so that the negative effects of alcohol consumption are not or at least less pronounced, and then in the rapid normalization of the condition.

Werde ich schneller nüchtern?

KAEX basic hat keinen Einfluss auf die Geschwindigkeit des Alkoholabbaus – das ist ein Prozess der nicht beschleunigt werden kann. Der Alkoholabbau braucht Zeit. Auch bei geringen Mengen Alkohol ist das Lenken von Fahrzeugen oder die Bedienung schwerer Maschinen nicht zu empfehlen. Aufgrund des langsamen Alkoholabbaus kann diese Beeinträchtigung je nach konsumierter Menge Alkohol auch noch am nächsten Tag andauern, so dass die gesetzliche Höchstmenge der Blutalkoholkonzentration auch dann noch immer überschritten ist.

Does KAEX basic also help when only a small quantity of alcohol is consumed?

KAEX basic supports the body in the alcohol metabolism even when only small quantities of alcohol were consumed and even if no hangover symptoms are felt. The bioprocesses that are triggered by alcohol consumption can be independent of one’s own sensation and thus alcohol consumption can negatively stress the body (organs, hair, skin). 

From a certain age of about 25 years as well as for people who have a demanding everyday life and especially athletes, taking KAEX basic even after small amounts of alcohol can make a decisive contribution to the well-being in all life situations. 

Please note, however, that KAEX basic is by no means a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and way of life.

I rarely suffer from a hangover, is KAEX basic still useful?

Findings of a Canadian study, in which 789 students participated, showed that many already find 2 glasses of alcoholic beverages sufficient to feel some sort of hangover the next day. Some study participants stated that they did not get a hangover even after high alcohol consumption (over 2 ‰ blood alcohol concentration). In the study, however, it could be determined that even supposedly hangover-resistant individuals, when taking a closer look, felt the known consequences such as reduced mental, cognitive and physical performance. 

From a certain age of about 25 years as well as for people who have a demanding everyday life and especially athletes, taking KAEX basic even after small amounts of alcohol can make a decisive contribution to the well-being in all life situations. 

Please note, however, that KAEX basic is by no means a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and way of life.

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