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Alum Stine deodorant by a-per © deo crystal without alcohol, without emulsifiers, without fragrance suitable for sensitive skin

a-per© Alum Stone Deodorant out of natural mineral salts. 120g

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a-per© Alum Stone Deodorant is composed of natural mineral salts and has been employed for centuries due to its disinfecting and deodorizing properties. The alum stone is moistened and applied to the skin. A thin, invisible and odorless film of mineral salts remains on the skin, avoiding the ferment of sweat bacteria and thus the formation of odor. Dries immediately after the application.

  • Alum deodorant
  • Scope: armpits
  • Suited for sensitive skin

Benefits at a Glance

  • Out of natural mineral salts
  • Harmonizes and soothes the skin
  • Leaves no marks after application
  • Without any alcohol
  • Without any elmusifiers
  • Without any preservatives
  • Economical, lasts up to 2 years of application

The a-per © alum deodorant is either mainly used 2-3 times for the armpits after showering or when needed wet. In that way an invisible sealing layer is build, which exerts a positive influence against perspiration..

a-per© a-per alum stone deodorant consits of the natural mineral alunite (Potassium Alum).

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