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Fresh Talco Deodorant Spray by Pura Natura® combines odor-inhibiting and protective properties of deodorant on a natural basis

Pura Natura Fresh Talco Deo Spray is a soothing talcum powder with Aloe for sensitive skin. Combines anti-smelling, hydrating, soothing and protective action. With anti odor active complex.

Volume: 100 ml
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Pura Natura® Fresh Talco Deo Spray, 100ml

Pura Natura® Fresh Talco Deo Spray is a soothing talcum powder with Aloe for sensitive skin. Deo fresh talcum spray. Eco 100 ml spray bottle. No antiperspirant deodorant spray, which combines the efficiency anti-smelling, the hydrating, and the soothing and protective, active ingredients of natural origin, to take care of your skin. Even the most delicate. Fresh talcum is designed for sensitive skins that require more delicacy. From powdery fragrance, returns freshness throughout the day.

Active ingredients

Aloe vera: aloe vera powder obtained from the processing of aloe gel is guaranteed and standardized in its functional active ingredients. The Aloe gel comes from juicy leaves of the plant and is processed in such a way as to safeguard the extraordinary properties of phyto-cosmetic complex, typical of fresh plant and transfer all the beneficial effects;

Mineral salts: normalize the perspiration and refresh the skin. Also used for their ability to absorb the volatile substances that are formed from sweat, avoiding the formation of bad odours;

Vitamin E has antioxidant properties, which slows down the aging processes cell-King, acts on skin hydration and elasticity by improving both;

Anti odor active complex: the complex role anti odor is to control the microorganisms responsible for decomposition of sweat. The active ingredient of the product is based on a mixture of Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate Caproyl/, Triethyl Citrate, Salvia officina-lis oil. The Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate Caproyl/is a co-emulsifier excellent multifunction effectiveness against microorganisms that cause skin diseases such as dandruff, skin odor or athlete's foot;

Product is 100% natural. Has been shown to be devoid of sensitising effects and not to alter the cutaneous bacterial flora. Ethyl alcohol turns bacteriostatic action while citric acid, lowering the pH of the treated area, prevents the formation of fatty acids, characterized by a musky odor and pungent.

Sage essential oil implements the antimicrobial activity of antibacterial, deodorant and other two components.


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Pura Natura®
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