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Feel comfortable in your skin!

As a specialist in the area of excessive sweating we would like to help you gain a better quality of life whether it’s with antiperspirants, underarm sweat pads or functional underwear. We also offer a range of functional body care products in areas such as acne, dry skin, anti-aging, gentle shave and body odour.

Special Offers
Otosan® Nasal Spray 30ml
Otosan® Nasal Spray is a natural spray enriched with plant extracts that is used against cold, hay fever,...
Volume 30ml
Art.No.: 3301
7,90 €*
(26,33 €/100ml)
Volume 90 Tabletten
Art.No.: 8064
9,90 €*
manjana® men-V-classic-PLUS-shirt
NEW: With the added Plus of protection. Men's undershirt with large integrated, highly absorbing...
Art.No.: 6016
Flutees® Protective Sleeves for Ear Studs - 5 Pair
Flutees protective sleeves for ear studs slide onto the post of the ear stud to keep the metal from...
Volume 5 Paar
Art.No.: 3777
14,95 €*
(2,99 €/Paar)
Long-running Hits
Otosan® Ear Drops
Otosan ear drops soothe redness and skin rashes, cleanse the ear and protects the ear while restoring its...
Volume 10ml
Art.No.: 3302
7,90 €*
(79,00 €/100ml)
Otosan® Ear Spray
Otosan Spray® with organic plant extracts is an innovative product for removing ear wax and for daily ear...
Volume 50ml
Art.No.: 3303
7,90 €*
(15,80 €/100ml)
SweatStop® Aloe Vera Forte Roll-On
Recommended if you tend to sweat quickly or spontaneously, even without physical exertion. SweatStop® Aloe...
Volume 50 ml
Art.No.: 9001
16,90 €*
(33,80 €/100 ml)
a-per© Washable Underarm Sweat Pads - White
Washable underarm sweat pads against sweat stains. 1 pair (2 pcs.) white.
Art.No.: 7101
9,90 €*
(4,95 €/1 Stk./pc)
Pura Natura® Fresh Talco Deo Spray 100ml
Pura Natura Fresh Talco Deo Spray is a soothing talcum powder with Aloe for sensitive skin. Combines...
Volume 100 ml
Art.No.: 3906
5,80 €*
(0,06 €/ml)
Pura Natura® Silky & Beauty Deo Spray 100ml
Pura Natura® Silky & Beauty Deo Spray with silk proteins and hair regrowth inhibitor. Combines...
Volume 100ml
Art.No.: 3908
5,80 €*
(0,06 €/ml)
Galenia® Skin Care Anti-redness Cream
Climate protective facial cream for intolerant and sensitive skin with couperose tendencies and noticeable...
Volume 30ml
Art.No.: 5071
15,90 €*
(53,00 €/100ml)
10 boxes L'axelle® underarm sweat pads M 30 Pads Box
L'axelle underarm sweat pads absorb sweat reliably and thus prevent displeasing sweat stains on clothing.
Art.No.: 4003-12
81,50 €*
(0,23 €/1 Stk./pc)
Subject Area
Callus Balsam
Against callus and chapping, rhagades and rough skin only by creaming
Volume 30ml
Art.No.: 3402
6,60 €*
(22,00 €/100ml)
Volume 1000g
Art.No.: 8022
19,50 €*
(1,95 €/100g)
Deo-Balm against Odour
Lasting effective deodorant specially conceived against odour.
Volume 30ml
Art.No.: 3401
8,80 €*
(29,33 €/100ml)
SweatStop® Iontophoresis DE20
SweatStop® Iontophoresis DE20 is a constant current therapy device for the treatment of excessive sweating...
Art.No.: 9030
334,00 €*
(334,00 €/1 Stk./pc)
BLOCMEN© Derma Pre-Shave
For a smooth electric shave. Without fragrance and colorants, for sensitive skin. 60g
Volume 60g
Art.No.: 3005
9,90 €*
(16,50 €/100g)
Zinzalà® Natural Protective Spray - Against Mosquito Bites
Prevents from insect bites through the action of its active ingredients and essential oils used,...
Volume 100ml
Art.No.: 3902
12,50 €*
(0,13 €/ml)
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